Mental Health

Coordinator: Lisa Williams

Hamilton Learning Academy
3301 S. Bryant Street
Little Rock AR 72204
Telephone: 501-447-7384
Fax: 501-447-7388

Tanjala Rouse
Mental Health Staff
Telephone: 447-7390

The LRSD Mental Health department directs parents to comprehensive child and adolescent mental health services.

Our programs are child and family centered, culturally sensitive, and strengths-based.  Services are offered at schools and in the community to ensure greatest access.

LRSDMH focuses on prevention, early identification of mental health issues, and interventions which promote social-emotional functioning, raise achievement, increase attendance and improve behavior.  Assessment, treatment and case management are available for students in all grade levels.


Goals & Objectives

The major components of LRSDMH include early screening, accessibility of mental health service, coordination with community mental health providers, and parental involvement. LRSDMH also provides service plan development and direct treatment--which can include medical, case management, and consultation services.

Our goals include: 

  1. Create a safe school environment.

  2. Address alcohol and other drugs and violence prevention and early intervention.

  3. Increase school and community mental health prevention and treatment services.

  4. Address early childhood psychosocial and emotional development.

  5. Create new strategies for educational reform.

  6. Implement safe school policies.


Suicide Awareness and prevention