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Little Rock School District
Communications Office
Media Request Form

All Requests will be approved by the LRSD Communications Director

Communications Director: Pamela Smith
Phone: 501-447-1030

Fill out this form to send in a Media Request to the Communications Department
Please submit request 2 weeks or more prior to the event to ensure proper consideration.
Coverage is not guaranteeed, but the communications department will work to obtain coverage.


Where do you want this news information to appear?
Please describe the event

IMPORTANT! - Please let us know if any other LRSD schools were at this event so we don't leave anyone out of a district-wide announcement.

If you are going to upload Microsoft Office documents, make sure they are saved as "97-2003" format.  Files in other formats will upload, but cannot be received by communications.  You can upload pictures, movies, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and PDF.