LRSD Leadership Academy

LRSD Leadership Academy – Cohort III 2014

Row 1

  • Zoretta R. Finley, English Teacher, Henderson
  • Millicent Sanders-Anderson, CTE Teacher, Henderson
  • Andrea M. Robertson-Taylor, American History Teacher, Dunbar
  • Sheree O’Rorke, Music Teacher, Chicot
  • Laura Holcomb Mosley, Elementary Teacher, Geyer Springs GT
  • Teresa L. Thomas, Assistant Principal, non-LRSD school

Row 2

  • Jennifer L. Thomas,  GT Teacher, Forest Heights STEM
  • Morgan Ealy, Assistant Principal, Washington Elementary
  • Earnest McGee, Assistant Principal, Central High
  • Stefanie A. Thompson, Instructional Facilitator, Rockefeller
  • Pamela Dial, Assistant Principal, Forest Heights STEM
  • Nita R. Gray, Assistant Principal, non-LRSD school

Not pictured

  • Shana Loring, Assistant Principal, Dunbar


  SAPI Graduating Cohort I - 2006

  During the 2004-05 school year, the Little Rock School District began planning and investigating the revamping of its former in-house training program for aspiring principals. After much planning, Dr. Roy G. Brooks, Superintendent of Schools, presented the revised plan known as the Superintendent's Aspiring Principals' Institute (SAPI) to the LRSD Board of Directors on January 2005 at their regular board meeting. Housed in the School Services Department, Dr. Lloyd Sain, Coordinator of Leadership Development, in consultation with Dr. Sadie Mitchell, Assistant Superintent of Elementary Schools, deveoped, coordinated, and implemented the revided training program. After a year and half of intense training, mentoring, job shadowing, and professional development, the first SAPI cohort of 16 aspiring leaders graduated on May 16, 2006. The graduates and their current positions are listed below:

  • M'Shay Callicott, Teacher, Parkview Magnet HS
  • Cynthia Collins, Principal, Franklin Elementary
  • Renee Dawson, Coordinator, IRC
  • Judge N. Evans, Jr., Coordinator,Felder Academy
  • Stephen Ewings, Assistant Principal, Hamilton Learning Academy
  • Ericka McCarroll, Principal, Bale Elementary
  • Dr. Leticia Miller, Social Studies Teacher,Dunbar Magnet
  • Monica Norwood, Assistant Principal, Dunbar Middle
  • Shoutell Richardson, Principal, Chicot Primary
  • Teresa Richardson, Principal, McDermott Elementary
  • Dr. Jane Sharp, Math Teacher, Forest Heights Middle
  • Diane Smith, Assistant Principal, non-LRSD school
  • Katherine Snyder, Principal, Washington Elem.
  • Barbara Strickland, Music Teacher, Williams Magnet
  • Nancy Swaty, retired Principal
  • Dr. Steve Wise, Assistant Principal, Pulaski Heights Middle



LRSD Leadership Academy 2008-Cohort II

The LRSD Leadership Academy Cohort II officialy startetd class on November 10, 2008, with a formal greeting and remarks offered by Superintendent Dr. Linda Watson. The Cohort II class members are as listed below:

  • Linda Davis, Special Ed Teacher - Parkview
  • Connie Jackson, 4th Grade Teacher - Williams Magnet
  • Marie Boone, Math Coach, McClellan High School
  • Dr. Sharon Cauley, Assistant Principal - J.A. Fair
  • Connie Green, Assistant Principal - Mabelvale Middle
  • Ellean Cleveland, Assistant Principal - Mabelvale Middle
  • Rick Woole, Assistant Principal, Hall High School
  • Emma Nowden, Assistant Principal, McClellan High School
  • Clausey Myton, Interim Principal, McClellan High School
  • Brent Mitchell, Principal, Pulaski County Special School District
  • Kelan Watson, Coordinator, Hamilton Learning Academy
  • Earl Smith II, Assistant Principal, Otter Creek
  • Lori Brown, Principal, Terry Elementary
  • Keith McGee, Coordinator - Felder Middle Alternative Learning Center
  • Stephanie Pickett, Principal, Watson Intermediate
  • Darnell Bell, Assistant Principal, Lynch Drive Elementary, NLRSD
  • Jeremy Owoh, Principal, J.A. Fair High School