LRSD Excel Advisory Committee Gets Insight from Similar Program in Bentonville


 A delegation of advisory committee members from the Little Rock School District recently visited the Ignite Professional Studies Program at Bentonville Public Schools to observe that district’s efforts in action.  In February, LRSD introduced the Excel program, the District’s version of Ignite, announcing plans with community partners to join the Kansas City-based Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS).  The goal is to expand college and career opportunities for high school juniors and seniors.

Through the CAPS program, students are allowed to explore hands-on-learning opportunities that are aligned to their passions and interests.  Like Bentonville, LRSD’s model will provide new educational experiences and enhance existing career strands currently offered by LRSD.  Excel will also promote  the involvement of local business in creating curriculum that supports externships/internships, while combining strong links to higher education with each high school course tied to a concurrent credit.

Members representing technology, education, construction, and the medical industry toured Bentonville facilities and visited with students participating in Ignite.  Students in Ignite career strands are getting “real, relevant learning” experiences and building meaningful relationships that prepare them for the future. 


The Little Rock team heard from Ignite students in construction, medical and health services, creative arts and production and computer and information technology. 

To learn more about LRSD’s Excel program, click here.