LRSD and ACH Announce Innovative Partnership Serving Student Athletes

The Little Rock School District (LRSD) and Arkansas Children's Hospital (ACH)) are partnering to offer the athletic training services provided by the ACH Sports Medicine department at all middle school and high school football games and practices starting this fall.

ACH Sports Medicine athletic trainers will be on the field for all football games to provide injury prevention and treatment support to all LRSD football players. They’ll also provide support for all basketball games and other home events like wrestling, soccer and baseball games. Athletes — from cheerleaders and short stops to goalies and dancers — will also have access to ACH athletic trainers during their practices and school days throughout the week.

“This is an innovative way for us to fulfill our mission of making young people better today and healthier tomorrow,” said David Berry, FACHE, ACH senior vice president and chief operating officer. “By having our athletic trainers on the football field, the players will have access to excellent medical services that aim not only to treat injuries sustained during play, but to also provide education to teams to help prevent injuries from ever happening.”

Students in the Little Rock School District will benefit from having immediate access to care right on the field during their games. The agreement extends to other athletics on an as-needed basis, as well.

ACH athletic trainers previously supported Little Rock Central High School, so this new agreement between the hospital and the district will expand the reach of ACH’s services to more student athletes.

 “We are proud to have a long, well-established relationship with Arkansas Children’s Hospital,” said John Daniels, LRSD Athletic Director. “The Little Rock School District’s new, innovative partnership with ACH has added a fundamental layer of protection for our student athletes.  Having certified athletic trainers housed in our five high schools will allow us to have a coordinated and efficient way to ensure that our student athletes get appropriate medical care.”

“While it’s easy to think of student athletes, and high school students in particular, as adults, they are still a part of the pediatric population, and they must receive appropriate medical care that keeps that pediatric perspective in mind,” said Jonathan Elrod, MS, LAT, ATC, EMT, ACH Sports Medicine coordinator. “Their growing bodies need health care that is tailored to their age group.”

For more information on this partnership, contact Jonathan Elrod at (501)364-1601 or click on the banner below for the Arkansas Children's Hospital Sports Medicine web page.

LRSD and Children's Hospital, a winning team for your child's health

To contact the ACH Sports Medicine department, call (501) 364-GAME.