Kinderbuddies Program at Wilson Elementary Boosts Literacy Skills

As one of the strategies to improve test scores in third grade, Wilson Elementary has implemented a program called “Kinderbuddies.”  Every Friday afternoon, the third grade children read a story to one of the children in the kindergarten classes. This program is the brain-child of Jannette Torrence and Tianka Sheard, the literacy and math coaches, as well as 3rd grade teachers Laura Ferguson and Melodi Jones.

On Monday morning, the third graders choose a book to practice and read to their own very special kinderbuddy on Friday afternoons. Third grade students are also responsible for formulating questions to ask their little buddy about the story. The program makes kindergarten children feel special, while improving the fluency skills of third graders. More importantly, it is building self-esteem in both kindergarteners and third graders.