JE - LRSD Board Policy

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The Little Rock School District is open and free to any child five (5) through twenty-one (21) years who resides within the District and has not graduated from high school.
“Reside” means to be physically present and to maintain a permanent place of abode for an average of no less than four (4) calendar days and nights per week for a primary purpose other than school attendance. 
“Residential address” means  the physical location where the student’s parents, legal guardians, persons having legal, lawful control of the student under order of a court, or persons standing in loco parentis reside.
The Little Rock School District may require a parent, legal guardian, or other person in loco parentis who enrolls a student in the school district to sign a statement under oath attesting to his or her residential address or to provide other proof of the student’s residential address.
A student may enter kindergarten if he or she will attain the age of five (5) year on or before August 1 of the year in which he or she is seeking initial enrollment. School attendance is required until a student’s eighteenth (18th) birthday.
All students are required to maintain a level of attendance that will enable them to discharge their responsibility as learners and will enable the school to meet its obligations to the students.
Parents/guardians seeking enrollment of a child in the District will provide the following:
• Certified copy of birth certificate, visa/passport or military I.D. card, previous school records, an attested baptismal certificate or an affidavit of the date and place of birth by the child’s parent or guardian, a statement by the local registrar or a county recorder certifying the child’s date of birth, or a passport
• Proof of residential address.  (Statement under oath, lease agreement, current utility bill,  personal property tax bill or other proof)
• The child’s immunization record
• Social security number or request that the District assign an alternate 
nine-digit number
• Expulsion records if applicable
With the exception of school choice assignments, a student is assigned to the appropriate grade level school based on the student’s residential address as defined above.   
Any student transferring from a school accredited by the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) to another school accredited by the ADE will be placed into the same grade the student would have been in had the student remained at the former school.
Any student transferring from home school or a school that is not accredited by the ADE to a school that is accredited by the ADE will be evaluated by the staff of that accredited school to determine that student’s proper placement in the accredited school.
All transfer students must meet the graduation requirements of the Little Rock School District in order to receive a diploma.  The LRSD high schools will accept transfer credits, grades and grade placement for students who previously attended Arkansas high schools that are accredited by the Arkansas Department of Education.
Students transferring from out-of-state schools or from Arkansas schools that are not accredited by the Arkansas Department of Education will be assessed by the school staff to determine appropriate grade placement and course credit.  Multiple criteria, 
including the following as appropriate, will be used for decision-making in determining grade placement and credit:
1. Any performance data presented by the sending school and/or parents, such as portfolios of work, project samples, etc.
2. Indicators of achievement such as report cards, reports from participation in virtual schools, correspondence course reports, and dual-enrollment college reports.
3. Results of norm-referenced tests.
4. Results of criterion-referenced tests that are part of the sending state’s NCLB accountability plan.
5. Results of assessments administered by the sending school staff, such as local criterion-referenced tests in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies; tests available through educational software programs used by the school, etc.
6. Results of “credit-by-examinations” in the core subject areas administered by LRSD.
7. Information gained from oral interviews with the students or performance tasks administered by LRSD staff.
Students who transfer into a LRSD high school from a home school must attend at least the final two semesters in order to receive a high school diploma (see IKED and IKED-R).  Students who transfer from a home school setting and  unaccredited high schools must attend at least four semesters to be eligible for rank-in-class (see IKC-R).
Foreign Exchange students who complete the senior year in good standing may, at the discretion of the principal, participate in the graduation ceremony.
Revised: July 2015
Revised: December 20, 2012
Legal References: A.C.A. 6-18-201(a), A.C.A. 6-18-202, A.C.A. 6-18-207(a), 
A.C.A. 6-18-208
Cross References: Board of Education Policy and Regulations JEA, JLCB, IKF, IKED,
IKED-R, IKC-R and the LRSD Student Handbook