Inclement Weather Policy

Below is a listing of places you can check to see if LRSD schools will be closed due to inclement weather. LRSD works with other area districts in Central Arkansas to determine the safety of travel when bad weather arrives.

It is always the final determination of the parent to decide if it is safe to attend or remain at school.

NOTE: If you do not see a notice specifically stating that LRSD schools are closed or delayed for a specific date, that means LRSD schools are open and operating on normal schedule.

LRSD Employees Inclement Weather Policy (PDF)

If you are a transfer student from another district and you ride the bus to school, if your home district is closed but LRSD is open, your bus will not run. You are responsible for your own transportation to school.

Weather make-up days are added to the end of the school calendar year in accordance with the Profession Negotiated Agreement with teachers. Any exceptions to this agreement will have to be made between the teachers’ union and the LRSD administration on a year-to-year basis.