Identification Procedures


The Little Rock School District's Gifted and Talented Program has identification processes and procedures that are fair and consistent, making every effort to include all special student populations.  Students may be nominated by their teacher, a peer, a parent, a community member, or the student may nominate himself or herself.   These are the current guidelines for identification:

Who is eligible for screening?

Students who require services beyond that of the regular classroom based on multiple forms of data

How is a student nominated?

  • Classroom teachers may choose to complete a referral form on students who score above 50% on standardized tests
  • Classroom teachers may also complete a referral form for any student possessing GT characteristics, regardless of his/her standardized test scores
  • Students may self-nominate or nominate a peer by completing a self-nomination or peer-nomination form.  The self-nominated or peer-nominated student is given the option of selecting a teacher to complete a referral form on him/her
  • Other school personnel (e.g. counselor, ESL teacher, ESL tutor, principal, librarian, or coach) may nominate a student by completing a referral form on the student
  • Nominations may also come from any other knowledgeable source, (e.g. parents, community organization leaders, etc.)  The nominator follows the procedure by completing a referral form

Assessment Areas

The following areas are considered to determine placement:

  • Academic ability
  • Creativity
  • Task motivation
  • Additional data may be submitted or included: Kingore Observation Score, product evaluation, other test scores, interviews, biographical data, grades, etc.


  • The School-Based Committee makes the recommendation for placement if a student has the majority of scores falling in the above average or high column of the GT profile
  • The Little Rock School District Standards Committee verifies all recommendations