Grandparents Day Sweepstakes

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Happy Grandparents Day Sweepstakes 2017

Enter the Grandparents Day Sweepstakes! September 8 — 27, 2017.

Here’s How It Works:

1. Visit one or more grandchildren at school and take a photo of your visit.

2. Upload the photo(s) between Sept. 8 and Sept. 27 to our Facebook contest page ( Multiple entries permitted for grandparents with multiple grandchildren. Grandparent should be in the photo with LRSD student at school.

3. Winners will be randomly selected to attend the Grandparents Day Luncheon on Friday, October 20th. Prizes will be distributed at the luncheon.

This is a Sweepstakes without voting. Winners will be randomly selected. Prizes will be distributed at the Oct. 20th (by invitation) luncheon. You must be present to win a prize. Questions or problems? Email