Geology Rocks!


Fifth grade students at Wilson Elementary were inspired by a recent classroom visit from Arkansas Geological Society Geologist Sandra Chandler. Students learned that minerals aren’t just found in rocks but in everything from ice cream to television screens. Her demonstrations allowed students to use all of their observational senses including taste and listening.


The room filled with giggles when bits of kaolin dangled freely from the tongues of one small group of students demonstrating how the mineral stays attached to your tongue or lips on its own. Chandler explained, “Kaolin sticks to your tongue because it is a clay mineral that absorbs moisture. This property makes it great filler and can be found in toothpaste, ice cream and even milk shakes. It’s also used in ceramics, cosmetics, and light bulbs.”

Chandler’s love of all things geological began early in her childhood with an extensive rock collection—making a career in geology an obvious choice. She advised students to do the same, to find their passion and make it a career choice. As she explained, “Nothing’s better than going to work everyday doing something you love and getting paid for it.” Chandler’s visit supports LRSD’s initiative to introduce elementary school students to career possibilities in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).