GCF-R2 LRSD Board Policy

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1.      Persons desiring employment as a school principal will file an application in writing (resume, letter of intent, or vitae are acceptable for the initial contact.) District application forms will then be provided for applicants not currently employed with the Little Rock School District.

2.      District administration officials will screen the applicants for acceptability.  Taken into consideration are certification, experience, education, performance reviews, and references.

3.      The associate superintendent and/or the assistant superintendent(s) will prepare a list of interview questions, which may include suggestions from parents and committee members, to be used in the interview process.

4.      The human resources director will review the questions for appropriateness regarding legal issues (i.e.  E.E.O., Affirmative Action, Americans with Disability Act, etc.)

5.      An interview committee will be selected/appointed, as follows:

         Three         (3) Parents/Patrons                                 Note a

         Two            (2) Teachers                                             Note b

         Three         (3) Administration Representatives      Note c

a.   The Parent/Patrons representatives will be selected by a process designated by the PTA president of the affected school in consultation with the campus leadership team.

b.   The teacher(s) representatives will be from the affected school and appointed by the administration of the school in consultation with the campus leadership team.

c.   The associate superintendent (in consultation with appropriate staff - assistant superintendents, supervisors, and principals) may designate the administrative representatives.

NOTE:      The committee’s composition will be balanced, as nearly as possible, by race and gender.

6.      The interview committee will meet to interview and recommend candidates.  The interview committee will be provided folders containing the following:

a.   An interview schedule

b.   The approved interview questions

c.   An approved candidate rating form

d.   The candidates’ application materials

7.      The interview committee will interview the applicants and complete the ratings sheet.  The committee, through consensus, will agree upon and submit a recommendation of the top three (3) candidates to the superintendent.

NOTE:   Although the applicants are rated, the ratings are only for use in reaching consensus and need not be the sole basis for selecting the recommended candidates.

8.      The superintendent will review the recommendations of the interview committee and select the applicant to be submitted for Board approval.  The superintendent may at his/her option, reject each of the three (3) applicants and require that the committee reconvene to determine new recommendations.

9.      Once the superintendent has selected an acceptable applicant, he/she will submit that individual’s name to the Board of Education for approval.  If the applicant is currently serving as a principal, the superintendent may reassign the principal and advise the Board of the lateral transfer.

10.     When approved, the candidate will receive a contract that details his/her salary, pay grade, and other pertinent information.




Date:  November 18, 1999