GCF-R1 LRSD Board Policy

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Obtaining and maintaining certificate status and providing a valid record thereof in the Human Resources Department are the responsibilities of the applicant or employee, not of the school system or of any of its employees.  Failure to obtain or maintain a valid certificate will be cause for the contract to be void.

A recommendation to hire a teacher or administrator will be made to the Board after a personal interview with the candidate has been conducted and one or more references have been personally contacted by the principal and/or the Human Resources Department.

The principals of the District who have vacancies will interview applicants and make recommendations for employment to the human resources director.  The human resources director and the superintendent will in turn recommend employment to the Board of Education.  Contracts for employment will be issued pursuant to approval by the Board.  All personnel selected for employment must be recommended by the superintendent and approved by the Board of Education.

Some applicants may report prior to their election by the Board; however, no applicant will be considered a permanent employee until the Board has voted its approval.

The timing of the election of certified employees will be on a schedule in accordance with state law.





Date:  November 18, 1999