GCE-R LRSD Board Policy

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The procedure for employing the best-qualified teachers and administrators will include:

·                     An effective recruitment program

·                     An initiative that results in prompt action when vacancies occur or new positions are created

·                     A set of consistent hiring practices in dealing with applicants for teaching or administrative positions


Discrimination against any applicant for reasons of race, color, religion, disability, national origin, sex, age or socioeconomic status will be prohibited in the District.  Special efforts will be taken in the recruitment and in all phases of the employment process to guarantee that there is no such discrimination and that there be an equitable distribution of teachers by race and experience throughout the District’s schools.

Particular attention will be made to the active recruitment of African-Americans in the categories of media specialist, guidance counselor, early childhood education, primary grades, and secondary core areas.

Job applicants must fill out an "Application for Employment" form.  References and transcripts will be required and checked.  False information given knowingly by the applicant may result in immediate dismissal at any time it is discovered.

All applicants for teaching positions will be handled by the Human Resources Department.  All applications will be made available to all principals when vacancies occur.  It is the responsibility of the Human Resources Department to secure information about each applicant's certification rating, professional history and teaching experience.  This information will be kept on file.


Professional Staff Certification and Credentialing Requirements

1.      All professional personnel will before employment, submit to the Department of Human resources the following:

a.      An official transcript of all college credit

b.      A valid Arkansas teaching certificate

c.      An official birth certificate

d.      A copy of his/her National Teacher Examination scores

e.      A TB skin test

2.        A withholding tax form will be executed at the time of employment.

            3.        Personnel who are identified by the Pulaski County Health Department as needing additional TB skin tests must submit the results of such tests as required by the Health Department

4.        A criminal background check will be done for all applicants.


Certified Staff Change of Address

Any change of address or telephone number must be reported to the principal or department head and the office of the Director of Human Resources.  Forms for this purpose are available in the school office or from the Human Resources department.



Date:  November 18, 1999