GBJ - LRSD Board Policy

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The superintendent is authorized and directed to develop and implement a comprehensive and efficient system of personnel records under the following guidelines:

1       A personnel folder for each employee, certified and classified, will be accurately maintained in the District administrative office.

2.      In addition to the application for employment, such folders will contain records and information relative to compensation, changes of address, employment contracts, evaluations, and such other information as may be considered pertinent.

3.      All personnel records of individual employees will be considered confidential and therefore will not be open for public inspection with the exception of the information covered under the Freedom of Information Act.

4.         Each employee will have the right to review the contents of his/her own personnel file, with the exception of references and recommendations provided to the District on a confidential basis by universities, colleges, or persons not connected with the District.

5.      The employee may submit for inclusion in the file written information in response to any of the material contained therein.

6.      The superintendent and his/her designees will take the necessary steps to safeguard against the unauthorized use of all confidential material.


Adopted:  November 18, 1999

Legal Reference:  A.C.A. 6-17-1505