GA - LRSD Board Policy

Published by jackbgarvey on Fri, 10/04/2013 - 13:26





The Board of Education recognizes that a dynamic and efficient staff dedicated to a strong integrated educational program is necessary to maintain a constantly improving program of education.  The Board is interested in its personnel as individuals, and it recognizes its responsibility for promoting the general welfare of the staff.

It is the policy of the Board to establish educational environments that will attract and maintain the best-qualified employees.

The Board commits itself to the following specific goals:

  1. To recruit, select, and employ the best qualified personnel to staff the school system.
  2. To provide staff compensation and benefits sufficient to attract and retain qualified employees.
  3. To provide staff with opportunities to pursue educational endeavors that will promote high educational standards within the District.
  4. To implement an evaluation process which accurately assesses employee performance and serves as a tool for professional growth.
  5. To monitor negotiations efforts.
  6. To provide information to each employee through the Little Rock School District’s Personnel Handbook.


Adopted:  November 18, 1999