EEA - LRSD Board Policy

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The District will provide transportation for students who meet the eligibility requirement of residing two miles beyond the school they attend.  Transportation may be provided for students who reside within the two-mile radius if unsafe conditions prevent walking to and from school, or for students whose accommodation plan or IEP determines that transportation is necessary.  In those instances, the procedures for requesting a safety stop will be followed.

Any student whose conduct on a school bus or at a bus stop is improper or jeopardizes the safety of other students may have his/her right to school bus transportation suspended for such period of time as may be deemed necessary by the school principal.  Uniform rules of conduct and disciplinary measures will be enforced.

The Director of Transportation and/or the Associate Superintendent of Operations will make recommendations for changes in the transportation system to the superintendent, who will present recommendations to the Board.




Adopted:  May 27, 1999

Cross Reference:  Student Handbook