EDCA - LRSD Board Policy

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The Little Rock School District provides employees and students with access to the District’s computer network, which includes access to the Internet.  This policy has been developed to meet the responsibility of the Board of Education for securing its network and to prevent unauthorized user access and abuse.  This responsibility necessitates informing users of their privileges and responsibilities as well as the consequences of misuse.


Network Use by Employees

Access to the District computer network is provided to employees for the purpose of conducting school business.  Employees have the responsibility of using the network appropriately.  Inappropriate use of the District’s computer network may result in cancellation of network privilege as well as subject the employee to normal district progressive disciplinary sanctions.


Network Use by Students

Access to the District computer network is provided for the purpose of enhancing the District’s instructional program.  Students have the responsibility to use the network appropriately or have network privileges revoked.  Student use of the system will be governed by the Student Handbook.

Access to the Internet is one component of the network available to students.  The Internet is an unregulated communication environment, and resources can be accessed which may not be appropriate for students.  Internet access will be provided to students only under supervision of appropriate District personnel.  Parental permission is required in order for students to access the Internet through the District system.




Adopted:  May 27, 1999

Cross Reference:  Student Handbook