ECB - LRSD Board POlicy

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District owned buildings will be operated in an efficient and safe manner.  All requests for repairs and/or maintenance work of any nature will be routed through the Building Principal/Manager to the Director of Facility Services.  The Facility Services Department will prepare and supervise the implementation of maintenance schedules.


The following are general responsibilities of the Facility Services Department:

1.    To oversee the physical operation of the facility to ensure that it is operating in a clean, healthy and maintenance free manner.

2.    To order the necessary supplies and schedule the needed maintenance for the operation of the building.

3.    To make continual checks on the use of utilities and supplies so that needless waste does not occur.

4.    To make continual checks to include the safety of equipment, operation of equipment and prevention of hazardous situations.

5.    To fund and schedule the necessary maintenance and repairs to maintain the facility.


The following are responsibilities of the Building Principal/Manager:

1.    To make requests for improvements, alterations, additions, or other new work in writing directly to the Associate Superintendent of Operations so requests may be considered for funding approval.

2.    To institute policies and ensure building security through positive control of keys and to provide for appropriate building opening and closing procedures.

3.    To establish procedures that will preclude acts of vandalism during the school day.




Adopted:  May 27, 1999

Cross References:  Board of Education Policies AC, ACB, ACBE