EBC - LRSD Board Policy

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Special drill activities related to fire safety, tornadoes, and other emergencies will be planned and implemented by each principal in association with the Safety and Security Department and civil authorities to ensure orderly movement and placement of students to the safest location.

The principal of each school will develop written emergency plans annually and submit them to the Safety and Security Department and the Division of School Services for review.

The Operations Division will develop an emergency procedures handbook annually.  This document will detail the procedures for school closings and operation in emergency conditions.

Little Rock School District buildings will be used only in cases of major disasters.  The Superintendent of Schools, Associate Superintendent of Operations, Ex-Officio Financial Secretary, and the chairman for Shelter, Disaster Committee of the Pulaski County Red Cross will be the committee to decide when a disaster exists and when the schools are needed for this purpose.  Notification to principals and the Child Nutrition Department shall come from the Operations Division of the Little Rock School District.




Adopted:  May 27, 1999

Cross Reference:  Emergency Procedures Handbook