EB - LRSD Board Policy

Published by jackbgarvey on Tue, 07/30/2013 - 13:54




Safe buildings, grounds, and equipment will be maintained in order to prevent accidents or injury to health of students, employees, and other citizens from fire, natural disasters, mechanical and electrical malfunction, and other hazards.

Buildings will be planned, equipped, and maintained in accordance with appropriate local, state and federal safety regulations.

Buildings will be provided with alarm systems, fire extinguishers, and such other devices as the laws or proper regulations may prescribe.

Proper supervision of students and other citizens using the buildings will be required at all times.

Maintaining healthful and safe conditions throughout the schools is a responsibility shared by the Board of Education, the superintendent, administrators, teachers, security personnel, and custodial and maintenance personnel.

Every attempt will be made to meet safety and health requirements of state law and OSHA.

Safe practices will be a scheduled part of instruction in classrooms, laboratories, and technical education settings.

The building administrator will supervise the safety program in his or her, facility, reporting hazardous conditions and holding employees and students responsible for the observance of all rules.

The Safety and Security Department will provide technical support and assistance to the schools in creating safe school environments, training to school based security officers, and will respond to safety and security emergency conditions as is warranted.




Adopted:  May 27, 1999