EA - LRSD Board Policy

Published by jackbgarvey on Tue, 07/30/2013 - 13:40




The Board of Education recognizes that the support services provided by the Operations Divisions of the school system are essential to the primary function of the school system, which is education.  To fulfill this function, it is the intention of the Board to:

1.    Ensure the proper operation and maintenance of school buildings, vehicles, equipment, and services; to set high standards of safety and security; to promote the health of pupils and staff; to reflect the aspirations of the community and to support environmentally the efforts of the staff to provide good instruction.

2.    Encourage, through the superintendent and staff, the establishment of efficient and businesslike procedures for the management of buildings and grounds, offices, vehicles, equipment, and supplies, and the food program.

3.    Encourage the establishment of a thorough, effective, and economical maintenance program, including preventive maintenance, that will ensure a useful life of school property, vehicles, buildings, and equipment.

4.    Encourage the adherence to generally accepted management principles and applicable laws and regulations when establishing policies and regulations in these areas.




Adopted:  May 27, 1999