DN-R2 LRSD Board Policy

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The Little Rock School District’s Computers for Kids program provides an opportunity for LRSD students to obtain a surplus personal computer for use as an at-home educational tool either on loan or through purchase at a fair market value.

The Little Rock School District’s Procurement Director in consultation with the Director of Information Services is responsible for declaring and designating computers that meet the requirements of this program and provide upon request the fair market selling price of a class of computers. 

The Chief Financial Officer in coordination with the Staff Technology Committee will ensure that the correct forms and written directions to implement this program are provided to the participants of this program.

The District, in accordance with state law, determines that it is beneficial to the District and patrons of the District to offer the option of purchase at fair market value to the parent or guardian of the child participating in this program in lieu of loan. 

The Director of Information Services and/or designees is responsible for removal of all records and information. The Procurement Director is responsible for maintaining records regarding the disposition of all computers under this program.

The District will resolve the case of more eligible students applying than there are available computers by requiring a teacher recommendation from a teacher that is part of the project at each site.   The Staff Technology Committee will serve in an advisory role in this process.











Date:  May 25, 2006

Legal Reference:  A.C.A. 6-17-118

Attachment:  Parent Agreement for Computer Salvage Loan Program