DN-R1 LRSD Board Policy

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Any furnishings or equipment not needed at a location will be sent to procurement, which will record the items and store them securely.  Any school district location is encouraged to see if they need any of the surplus items held by procurement.

In the case of surplus supplies, procurement and financial services should be contacted to determine the correct method of disposal.

Procurement will be authorized to dispose of furnishings and/or equipment that have been declared obsolete by the administration by auction, competitive sealed bid, and in

Accordance with the provisions of the Arkansas Department of Education Computer

Salvage Loan Program.  The funds derived from such sales will be forwarded to the Director of Finance and Accounting, who will credit the proper fund.

The guidelines for computer equipment disposed of or loaned pursuant to the Arkansas Department of Education Computer Salvage Loan Program is implemented by Board

Regulation DN-R2.

Property records will be maintained based on the inventory threshold for original cost, additions and disposals.  Property records will be reconciled with the general ledger.



Revised:  May 25, 2006

Date:  June 22, 2000