DJC-R LRSD Board Policy

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Petty cash fund will not exceed the limits established by the District Guidelines for Activities Funds, except with the written permission of the Manager of Financial Services and the Associate Superintendent of School Services (or their designee).

Petty cash funds are to be used for the following purposes:  miscellaneous postage;

collect deliveries; and small disbursements under $50.

Petty cash funds are not to be used for the following purposes:  travel; salaries and casual labor; school supplies in excess of $50; items costing more than $50; telephone; and loans to staff.

Petty cash funds are to be replenished only upon presentation of receipts and signed, approved vouchers by the custodian of the fund.

Petty cash funds must be reconciled and accounted for on a continuous daily basis, and reported to the district business office as follows:  whenever the fund is almost depleted; and at the end of each month if need for reimbursement is less frequent.

The building administrator (principal or like administrator) and the custodian of the fund are responsible for any shortfalls that may occur.  Any amount of money missing over $100.00 will be promptly reported to the Safety and Security Department in writing and a police report will be filed.

Cash change amounts are authorized for the schools or cost centers at limits set in the District Guidelines for Activities Funds.  This fund is for "making change" only and must at all times equal the amount authorized.

Please refer to the District Guidelines for Activities Funds for more specific direction on procedure and for forms.




Date:  March 24, 2000