DJ - LRSD Board Policy

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The Little Rock School District operates with a centralized purchasing system.  Procurement staff are responsible for purchasing goods and services as requested through proper authorization and within limitation of budgetary restraints.  The Procurement Director is authorized to delegate purchasing authority to departments when needed to handle business operations of the District.  Such delegation must be approved by the Chief Financial Officer of the District.

Procurement will take into consideration quality, cost, availability, timeliness, and vendor compliance with applicable federal and state law.

Procurement will be in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws.

Specific guidance for purchasing may be found in regulation in the District Operations Manual (Procurement (Purchasing)) and administrative directives issued as clarifications.  For issues not addressed by policy, regulation, administrative directives, or District Operations Manual, the American Bar Association Model Procurement Code for state and local governments will provide the guidance.



Adopted:  March 22, 2001

Legal References:  ACA 6-21-301 through A.C.A. 6-21-306

Cross Reference:  District Operations Manual