DID-R LRSD Board Policy

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Responsibility for Inventory

The building administrator has the primary responsibility for inventory.  Where multiple departments share a building without a central administrator, the responsibility rests with each department.

Procurement will ensure that identification of grant purchased assets is maintained.  Procurement will reconcile cash disbursements for physical assets with tagged assets.  The capitalization policy is set at $1,000 per item and a useful life of at least two years.  The District, at its discretion, will tag items that it determines are vulnerable to theft or loss that fall below $1,000.


Specific Directions for Maintaining Inventory

The following procedures apply to all locations, not just schools.

·         The exception to the two-year rotation for inventory will be when there is a change in principal/building administrator in which case an in-house inventory will be conducted by the Procurement Department.   An inventory will be done then and the location will stay on the scheduled two-year cycle.

·         Locations will have access to their inventory via an online report and are encouraged to verify their inventories at any time before the scheduled two year review. 

·         Inventory shortages.  Employees will report any missing equipment or supplies to their building principal or supervisor immediately upon discovery.  A serious incident report must be completed with copy forwarded to procurement.


Specialized Equipment

Any department that purchases equipment to be assigned to another site or school (such as Information Services, Child Nutrition, Facility Services, Career/Technical Education, Division of Exceptional Children, Instructional Technology, and Safety and Security) will assist in maintaining equipment locations by identifying and forwarding to Procurement the room number or name where they set up or move any such equipment.

Any transfer of assets by each of these departments should be coordinated with the building administrator and the proper transfer documentation should be processed by both the department manager moving the assets and the building administrator and forwarded to Procurement.

All portable electronic equipment (television, videocassette recorder, cassette player, etc.) will be inventoried to the school library for each school.  The library will maintain a record of where each item is assigned.  If electronic equipment is mounted or otherwise installed, it will be inventoried to that specific area.

Child Nutrition will be responsible for all inventory items assigned to each of their locations.  In addition child nutrition will provide all needed inventory information on new equipment such as tag numbers, serial numbers, purchase order number, and cost to procurement.  They will use the procedure as defined in paragraph one of this section.


Location Change of Inventory

If a site or department internally or externally moves furniture or equipment, Inventory Form #PD 027 will be filled out immediately that identifies the item(s) and shows its past and current location.  This form will be sent to procurement.




Revised: Sept. 25, 2014

Date:  June 22, 2000