DFE - LRSD Board Policy

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The Board of Education supports and encourages District staff to publish or develop educational materials and wishes to establish the principle of rewarding creativity by the staff.  The Board of Education does not wish to become an entrepreneur in either publishing or manufacturing enterprises, yet if there is a commercial return on the investment of District funds, the Board wishes to receive a return on that investment.

Staff members who desire to develop products should make such action known to the superintendent (or his/her designee) prior to the time such work is started so that proper procedures can be established to assure that District interests and the interests of the staff member are protected.  Requests should be submitted to the superintendent and approved by the Board.  The cost of legal registration (such as a copyright) of a product will be split fifty/fifty between the District and the innovator.  The registration will be coordinated through the District.

Materials, including computer software programs, developed by persons in the employ of the Board including faculty, other staff, and students become the property of the Board of Education if the materials were developed during the hours of employment and/or with the use of District owned equipment or supplies.

Opportunities may be provided employees to develop computer software which may be used in the business/instructional program or which provides a benefit to the schools.

To encourage employees and students to develop such materials and programs for use within and outside the District, the Board has set that fifty per cent of the profits of any product, material, or device will be distributed to the innovator(s) and producer(s) of the material or devices.



Adopted:  June 22, 2000

Cross Reference:  Board of Education Policy GCS