DFD-R1 LRSD Board Policy

Published by jackbgarvey on Tue, 07/09/2013 - 16:32

(Replaces Administrative Directive – Gate Receipts and Admissions)





In cooperation with the Activities Advisory Board (AAB), there will be a comprehensive athletic and activities plan developed for the District to address the needs of the students.  The steering committee of the Activities Advisory Board will serve in an assisting role.  The steering committee will be composed of senior level staff.



A master schedule of all athletic and activity events known will be prepared for the school year by August for the new school year.  It should be submitted to the assistant superintendent for secondary schools and any associate superintendent who has supervisory authority over an activity for approval.  Input from the activities advisory board shall be incorporated into this schedule.  This schedule should be sent to:  the appropriate assistant and associate superintendents, communications, financial services, and safety and security.  All optional events open to students and/or the public that are not a part of the class schedule are covered.  All facilities whether gymnasium, auditorium, outdoor facilities, etc. are included.

Activity events not related to athletics will be scheduled as follows:

1)    Scheduled group events will be posted as soon as the schedules are available.

2)    Tournaments will be scheduled at least forty-five days prior to the event.

3)    Special events will be scheduled at least thirty days in advance.

Notification will be given according to these timetables for any adds or changes to the schedule to:  the appropriate associate and assistant superintendents, communications, financial services, and safety and security.  Any emergency changes will be communicated as soon as known.  The steering committee will designate staff responsibility for schedule maintenance and distribution of updates.


Procedures for Special Events (District Sponsored)

Income from activity related events sponsored by District personnel for which fees are charged will be deposited into the appropriate school account and a revenue report filed with the Financial Services office.  For all events for which admission is charged, a planning form for the event will be filled out, approved by the principal, and a copy sent to Financial Services.


Procedures for Special Events (non-District Sponsored)

The following must be met:

  • Sponsors will only be from organizations with experience in the specialized area for any type of training event.
  • For each special event an application form will be completed that identifies the type of event, the person sponsoring the event, what fees will be charged, what fees the District will receive, what facilities will be needed, and whether Security or Custodial staff are needed.
  • The application form will be signed by the sponsor(s), the building administrator, and the director of that activity.
  • In accordance with District Regulation KF-R, the Manager of Financial Services must approve charges to be paid to the District.
  • A copy of this completed form will be sent to the assistant superintendent for secondary schools, and safety and security at least thirty days prior to the event for approval or notification.
  • The financial report should also indicate the following:  the results of the event (number of participants (students & other), total funds received, District’s share, success/failure, whether it will be done again).
  • Receipts collected at events must be deposited and accounted for as directed by the District.  Funds due the District are expected within five working days.  The building administrator is responsible for collecting for events from the sponsor of events held at their facilities.  Any problems with collection should be reported to Financial Services.


Concession, Parking, and Product Sales

For activity related events, concessions and product sales will be cleared in advance by the following procedure:

  1. Yearly or multi-year contracts will be reviewed by the activities board and the staff steering committee.
  2. Promotional and multiple location contracts will be reviewed by the Activities Advisory Board and the staff steering committee.
  3. Site specific non-continuous sales will be approved by the building administrator, but Financial Services, School Services, and any District Supervisor of this activity will be notified at least thirty days in advance in writing.
  4. Each group operating a concession will sign an agreement specifying the obligations of the concessionaire.  The District's obligations will be included in the contract.
  5. All concession agreements will be for one year at a time.
  6. Vending machines are at each school’s discretion unless a district wide contract is in place.
  7. If paid parking is done on school property, a written and approved agreement must be in place in accordance with District Regulation KF-R (Community Use of Facilities).
  8. Normal fundraising events at the local school level are not intended to be covered by this regulation but are addressed in the Activities Fund Handbook.
  9. All contracts must be approved by the Director of Procurement.



Date:  May 25, 2000