DFC - LRSD Board Policy

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The primary purpose of school buildings and facilities is to provide the best educational environment for students.  However, when the facilities are not being used by the District, the Board will allow the facilities to be leased.


Long-term Lease

Leasing of District buildings or portions of buildings must be approved by the Board.  Leases will be for a fixed term and subject to regulations and written agreements that protect the District form any expense, loss or liability.

Each long-term user of the available space will be expected to reimburse the District on a prorated basis for applicable costs related to this use which may include normal building upkeep, custodial services, utility expenditures, restroom supplies, insurance, administrative costs, and other such items on a square foot basis which will be identified and included in the lease negotiated with the user.  The lease costs will be negotiated and be reflective of District costs, comparable market prices, and the profit/nonprofit status of the proposed tenant.  The income from the leasing of space will be received as general revenue.  The period of the lease will be related to the best estimate of how long the space may not be needed for District programs.


Short-term Rental or Lease

The Board will periodically approve a schedule of fees to be charged non-school related groups for use of school facilities for various events.  Please reference Board regulation KF-R for the fee schedule.

The following criteria will be applied in the determination of space available for leasing and joint occupancy:

·         the space is located in a portion or a section of the building which can be isolated and will not interfere with the ongoing educational program,

·         the space is not being used for the regular educational program and

·         the District will consider appropriate insurance requirements based on the requested use.


Save Harmless Provision

The lease for each user will include appropriate language to save the Board and the District harmless against any and all claims, demands, suits or other forms or liability that may arise out of this use of school space.  Each proposed tenant must comply with all appropriate legal and zoning requirements.



Adopted:  June 22, 2000

Cross References:  Board of Education Policy KF and Regulation KF-R