DBJ - LRSD Board Policy

Published by jackbgarvey on Mon, 07/08/2013 - 17:11




The Board authorizes an appropriation level of expenditure when adopting the fiscal year budget.  The superintendent or designee is allowed to make line item changes in the budget during the year.  Expenditures requiring a budget transfer in excess of $50,000 will be approved by the Board.  The following are exempt from the $50,000 limit:

  • Adjusting the budget for salary increases after a Board approved settlement is reached with a bargaining group.
  • Staffing changes that are required to comply with state standards.
  • Increasing the expenditures of a specific budget resulting from increased revenues to that specific budget such as an increase in students with handicapping / disabling conditions which would generate additional revenue but also necessitate an expenditure increase.
  • Adjusting individual school building budgets to reflect accurate student enrollment after the official count date.
  • Establishing new budgets for grants that were not anticipated at the time of budget adoption.
  • Adjusting line items expenditures within a program provided there is no increase in the total program budget such as increasing supplies and decreasing travel by the same amount within a specific program.



Adopted:  March 24, 2000