Count Down the Days Until School Starts on the Newly Released 2017-2018 Student Calendar!

New 2017-2018 Student Calendar Released! Click here to download and print pdf calendar now. WALL CALENDARS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT SCHOOLS SOON.






































BACK TO SCHOOL TIME! The new 2017-2018 LRSD district-wide Student Calendar has been released for the new school year. Students, parents, staff and community will be able to find information for events occurring throughout the district this year.

The new calendar is AVAILABLE NOW as a download/printable PDF file on, and the wall calendar version will soon be available at your child’s school. Check back often for updated calendar info in the online PDF-version throughout the year, which will be updated as necessary.

In addition to event dates and school contact information, the calendar also contains valuable information about the following subject areas: CARE Program, Early Childhood Education, School Schedules, Child Nutrition, Testing and Evaluation, Attendance, Safety and Security, Transportation, Snow Days, Student Health, Graduation Requirements, Parent/Family & Community Engagement, Student Registration, Community Advisory Board, and LRSD’s Blackboard APP.

This year we are featuring student artwork from the 2017 LRSD Artistry in the Rock Exhibition on the front and back covers, with plans to solicit entries for the 2018-19 version. Get creative and prepare your ideas for next year’s artwork!