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LRSD Chess Home
Tournament Director: Gene Williams
Jefferson Elementary
Little Rock, AR 72202
LRSD Chess is a group of chess coaches, parents, & volunteers who promote the game of chess by organizing chess tournaments for K-12 students in the Central Arkansas area.  
While the organizing body is run by and adheres to Little Rock School District policy and guidelines, tournaments are open to students from outside of the District. Students from local private and charter schools regularly participate in our tournaments. 
If you would like to compete in one of our tournaments please contact the Tournament Director for additional  information.
2017-18 Tournament Schedule
Tournament Date                       Registration Date
October 21, 2017                         Thursday, October 12, 2017
December 9, 2017                       Friday, December 1, 2017
January 20, 2018                         Friday, January 12, 2018
February 10, 2018                       Friday, February 2, 2018
March 10, 2018                           Friday, March 2, 2018
April 14, 2018                              Friday, April 6, 2018
Registration Information:
Registration Fee- $10 per student
Team registrations from LRSD Schools must be received by noon (No Exceptions) on the date listed above.  Players registering as a TEAM must be on a SINGLE registration form that comes from the coach.  Independent players use the same registration form.  Tournament registration should be emailed as a PDF to or Faxed to 501-447-5001 by the deadline.   
Online Payment Option ( fee assessed) :


  1. Go to this website:    http//
  2. Click on school level “Other”
  3. Click on “LRSD Chess”
  4. Find the activity you want to pay for and click on that item.
    1. Add the item to your cart. Choose quantity.
    2. You can “continue shopping” or “checkout”.
    3. When you are ready to check out, you will have to login or go to “New Users” to set up an account.
    4. There is a drop-down menu for the student profile. Go to the top and click on “Add Student Profile”. You will enter the student ID # if you are a LRSD student.  For students outside the district, use a phone #. Click “Save Changes”. Now you can select your child’s name under the “Select Student Profile” for each item.
    5. After choosing each student profile, it is just a normal check-out like any other retail website.
LRSD Email Group Access:
If you would like to sign-up for the email list for parents and coaches, please send an email requesting access to the group to the tournament director at:
Registration Links for Tournaments 2017-18- Google Form-
Please use the google forms link below to submit student/player information to Mr. Williams for each tournament- payment should be completed through either the online payment link above or through a team transfer form.

Saturday, October 21, 2017 Chess Tournament Registration:


Saturday, December 9, 2017 Chess Tournament Registration:


Saturday, January 20, 2018 Chess Tournament Registration:


Saturday, February 10, 2018 Chess Tournament Registration:


Saturday, March 20, 2018 Chess Tournament Registration:


Saturday, April 14, 2018 Chess Tournament Registration: