Central High 9th Grader to Compete at  GENIUS Olympiad 

Pollution. Overcrowding. Global Warming. Environmental deterioration is knocking at the door of millions of people world-wide. While many ignore the knock, Little Rock Central High Ninth Grader Meghana Bollimpalli is among the high school students from around the world answering the call for change at the GENIUS Olympiad. As a result of her work, she has been named a finalist among thousands of applicants and will compete at the GENIUS Olympiad beginning June 13, 2016.

The GENIUS Olympiad, a four-day competition co-sponsored by SUNY Oswego and Terra Science and Education, Inc., is one of the largest environmentally focused fairs in the world. In 2015 over 700 high school GENIUS' from 57 countries and 33 states gathered to collaborate, share research and ideas, and find solutions to the ever-increasing environmental problems affecting the earth's populations.

Participants at the 2016 Olympiad work year-round to examine the environmental problems of today through one of five lenses - science, design, business, creative writing, and visual and performing arts. Through the disciplines students draw attention to the deterioration of the earth and create innovative solutions which they then present and discuss during the competition.

Students accepted to the event make up a portion of the world's brightest youth, many of whom go on to become environmental ambassadors and leaders. "The earth is not an unlimited resource," warns Dr. Fehmi Damkaci, president and founder of the GENIUS Olympiad. "GENIUS allows students to become invested in the quality of the environment they live in and lead the movement for change."

Throughout the competition students have opportunities to explore the multitude of cultures represented at the Olympiad and the commonalities between groups of people from varying backgrounds
Environmental problems are impacting students everywhere. The Genius Olympiad provides a venue for students to examine those problems and the impact the same issues they are facing have in different areas of the world they may not otherwise have direct access to.

For more information about the GENIUS Olympiad, visit the website at www.geniusolympiad.org.