Assessment and Evaluation

The Little Rock School District has received results from the Spring 2005 ACTAAP (Arkansas Comprehensive Testing, Assessment and Accountability Program) Benchmark assessment and Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS). Once again, the ACTAAP results show LRSD students performing as well or better than their subgroup peers in almost every category.

Parents may question the need for students to take two different standardized tests. They are necessary because they measure different standards: the ITBS measures how well our students are doing compared to children across the nation at the same grade level at the same time, and the ACTAAP Benchmark exam measures how well our children are learning the state curriculum.

Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS)
The ITBS was administered in the spring to LRSD students in grades Kindergarten through 9. The results of this nationally administered exam compares how well LRSD students did to a national norm group of students who took the same test. The results are presented as percentile rank; for example, a percentile rank of 82 means that students did as well or better than 82 percent of the students who took the test on a nationwide basis.

Charts depicting reading, language and math ITBS results by race

ITBS test scores

The ACTAAP Benchmark exam, also administered in the spring, tests students in grades 3 through 8. The end-of-course literacy test is given to all students in grade 11, and the end-of-course algebra I and geometry tests are administered to students when they take these two courses.
ACTAAP Benchmark Results
ACTAAP End-of-Course Exam Results

SOAR Assessments
SOAR is the name given to the common periodic assessment program used by the district to see how well students are learning state standards. The information gained from SOAR helps teachers plan instruction and identifies areas where re-teaching may be needed. SOAR assessments are given from four to six times each year. SOAR assesses students in math (grades 2-11) and literacy (grades 3-11) on the content and skills which are included in the curriculum for their grade level. The assessment items are similar in difficulty and form to the Arkansas Benchmark and End-of-Course exams your child participates in each year.
SOAR Brochure

American College Testing Program (ACT) exam
The ACT Exam is a voluntary exam taken by college-bound high school students. Little Rock School District students in the Class of 2006 scored higher on the ACT in 2005-06 than one year earlier. African American students in the district had an overall composite score of 17.7 which exceeded their subgroup peers in the state and nation and represented an increase from the prior year. White students in the LRSD had an overall composite score of 23.2, ahead of their counterparts in the state and nation and an increase from 2005. All five high schools had total group composite score increases.
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What about schools on the School Improvement list?
Parents and other concerned cizitens may wonder why, with LRSD student scores ahead of the state and nation in many areas on required exams, there are several schools on the state's School Improvement list.
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What steps are being taken to assist students in schools on the School Improvement list?
Under the federal No Child Left Behind Act, students in schools on school improvem